Cover revealed!

And the work continues on the new album, things are getting close to the end. Final bits of tracking and final mixing is underway, as is work on the artwork. The album will feature photography by the awesome Jaxson Pohlman. Be sure to click over to his site, and follow him on instagram. His work is epic, we want to make music just to have an excuse to use his photos.


New Tracks!

New tracks are up on the front page, give them a spin! Though we've been quiet on the news front, we have been hard at work on new music. The upcoming release, Figuration of Hope: Impact Event part 1, is well underway. And with our usual anything goes approach, these tracks feature the fantastic vocals of Brittney Schultz (, adding another new twist to the Strange Land catalog.

This release is the first of a planned two part story, a science fiction tale of hope and survival in the near future. Are we ready? What if there was a global threat to humanity? Will we act, or wait and fail to take the necessary step until it's too late?

Evagation Out Now!

The new EP Evasion is out now in CD, downloadable, and streaming formats. Visit for cds and downloads, or find us on iTunes, Spotify, or many other streaming services. Thanks again for supporting the band, this new acoustic EP has been getting a lot of positive comments. It's a very different direction for the band and seems to be resonating with listeners all over the place.


New EP is done!

Our newest EP is out in digital form now, CDs will be coming soon if you prefer a physical copy. Stream it below, on the main page, or download it for free from BandCamp. Thanks!